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Find all travel packages from hundreds of suppliers in one place. And enjoy after sale support from your favorite local agent.

Why use Travel Shopper?

So you don't have to rely on call centers in case of trouble in your trip... so you don't have to request quotes from your local agents... so you can find the best deal online and pay to a local agent. Not convinced? Read more...


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Welcome to your travel hub: freedom for your travel package deals from any supplier and local agent

Tired of getting annoyed at addressing issues about your travel with your on line travel agency support? Would you like to try a warmer, personal experience just as your friend told you he had when he traveled through a conventional travel agency? Do you think it is expensive? Not anymore! Now you can have the best of the worlds: On line buying experience with the best after sales support through your local travel agency! How does it work?

How it works step by step

1. Find your perfect travel package

We have all travel packages in one place for you from hundreds of suppliers. Filter by dates, prices and destinations.

2. Now select a local travel agent to look after you whenever you need

We bring the travel agents close to you authorized to sell and support the travel package you selected.

3. Pay directly to the local travel agent you chose

Now things get personal! You actually know who is looking for you, so buy with confidence.

4. Now the hardest step: enjoy your trip!

And remember, if you have ANY problem your local agent is always there to help!

Just giving an example...

John and Marry wanted to book their wedding trip... how did Travel Shopper take them to the perfect honeymoon?

There are hundreds of travel agents in their place, should they visit all of them to find the best deal?

Very time consuming...

There are hundreds of online travel agencies, but what if they need assistance during the trip?

They want a perfect trip, they don't want to be on their own when they most need...

How to find a deal as good as the online travel agencies offer but with assistance from a local agent?

That's Travel Shopper!

1. So, they wanted a honeymoon in Paris

Travel Shopper brought all honeymoon trip packages, from many different operators and agencies, to Paris for the dates they wanted.

2. They wanted to make sure that someone would look after them during the trip

After choosing their package, they selected a local agent just 100m away from their home to close the deal.

3. That's it!

They found online the best deal and paid to a local agent who will take care of them.

Our vision

is to be world's largest travel package dealer; to be the place where people go when it comes to travel packages

Our mission

is to provide a fast, reliable and convenient online experience to find the best travel package available in the market for our users with complete after sale support from associate local travel agents

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If you are a travel agent or operator, please get in touch to know how to be our partner. If you are a traveller, just wait a few more weeks to book your next holidays!

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